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Jenni Douglas Designs

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Jenni Douglas Designs were looking for a way to showcase their full range of work and to also help generate exposure for the new shop space and allow customers to explore the full range of collections on their website from within the 3D space. Captured Realities allowed them to do just that. Captured Realities completed scanning services at Jenni Douglas Designs at 100 Marchmont Crescent in Edinburgh.

What service/product do you provide to the public?
I design and create art prints, greetings cards, textiles and gifts for the home. I also create designs on a commission basis for companies and individuals.

What was the challenge(s) your company was facing?
How to showcase my full range of work and to also help generate exposure for the new shop space.

What service/product did captured realities provide to your company and how has this helped to provide a solution to your previous challenges?
The 3D showcase created by captured realities has provided a new and exciting view of my products, brand and business as a whole. I’m sure it will be a valuable resource in reaching out to existing customers and potential clients.

How did you find the process of working with captured realities and would you work with us again?
The process was extremely smooth and the communication was excellent throughout the whole process.

How would you summarise working with captured realities overall?
Working with captured realities has been a really positive and exciting experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough.