Image showing restaurant hot desking facility

New Bloc

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New Bloc wanted to give their prospective members the chance to view their new co-working space remotely. Captured Realities allowed them to do just that with an engaging 3D Showcase. Captured Realities completed scanning services for the New Bloc’s latest co-working space at The Refinery at 5 St Andrew Square in Edinburgh.

New Bloc on working with Captured Realities
New Bloc transforms dead space in restaurants into co-workspace. We turn space that is typically unused or closed into co-workspace. By utilising this space we are able to offer freelancers or entrepreneurs a space to work from a fraction of the price of other co-working/hot desking facilities.

Where we struggled was allowing prospective members the chance to view the space remotely. Sure photos could give an idea of the space and communicate the look of the workspace but they didn’t really give the full picture.

Captures Realities came in and completed a 3D scan with minimal disruption to our working day. Further to this they took direction but also offered their own expertise when it came to highlighting areas through matter tags.

We plan on working with Captured Realities every time we open a new workspace as their service allows prospective members who typically work remotely a chance to experience the space. It’s the closest thing to walking through the front door.